Princess Maria Theresia von Thurn und Taxis married Hugo Wilson

A fairytale wedding on 13 September at the St. Joseph church in Tutzing, Germany at 4.30pm. Princess Maria Theresia von Thurn und Taxis married Hugo Wilson. Party afterwards at the nearby Garatshausen Castle, owned by the Thurn und Taxis family. The “wedding of the year” was supposed to be private, but of course outside there were many onlookers and press.

The bride’s wedding dress was designed by Vivienne Westwood. Fürst Albert von Thurn und Taxis, brother of the bride, gave away his sister.

Among the guests were Hereditary Prince Alexander and Hereditary Princess Sarah von Isenburg, Princess Felipa of Bavaria and her husband Christian Dienst, Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo, Princess Chantal von Hannover with her sons Ernst August and Christian.

The wedding was led by Father Alexander Sherbrooke of St Patrick’s, Soho, London. Best man and maids of honour were Sami Robertson, Victoire de Pourtalès and Clementina Gentiloni Silverj. The bridal children were Count Valentin von Schönburg-Glauchau and Princess Elisabetta zu Schwarzenberg. The ushers were the Hon Angus Elphinstone, Max Fraser, Charles Green, Oliver (Viscount?) Lymington, Prince Ernst August von Hannover, George Scott, Robert Sheffield, Sam Emery and Alexander Flick.

A few very nice pictures were posted in Hola online.

Pictures by Gabi, not to be posted elsewhere without permission. She unfortunately didn’t have a very good view on bride, groom and guests, but took a few nice pictures anyway.thurntaxis1 thurntaxis2 thurntaxis3

Queen Silvia’s visit to Mainau

On 23 August Queen Silvia of Sweden paid a visit to the Island of Mainau in Lake Constance, Germany. The occasion was the 15th anniversary of the World Childhood Foundation of which she is the founder and honorary chair.

 Queen Silvia met with economics students who attended the 5th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, and presented the Global Childhood Award to the Chinese economics stundent Bin Wan. A lunch was served in the Palm House.
In the evening the Queen attended a celebratory dinner.
Of course Queen Silvia was received by Count Björn and Countess Sandra Bernadotte af Wisborg.
My friend Gabi took a few nice pictures outside during the day.
silviamainau2 silviamainau3

The Favourite Royal of … Jordi

I love it that about everybody thus far had different favourite royals. So if you’d like to tell about yours, just sent me a message.

Jordi from the Netherlands also found the time to answer my questions.

Who are your favourite royals?

The Norwegian royal family and prince Harry of Wales.

What do you find interesting about them?

The thing that I find the most interesting about both the Norwegian royals and prince Harry is that they all are so extremely passionate about what they do. They seem to love the work they do, seem to love the visits they pay, seem to be genuinly concerned about what happens in the fields they find important.

What would you like to ask them if you could meet?

I would ask them lots about how they see their constitutional position (I’m a political scientist, so I find that very interesting). Also I would ask them to tell about the things they are so passionate about and – of course – also what it is like to be a royal.

And where would you like to meet?

I would very much like to meet them in their ‘natural habitat’, so at a place they regard as ‘home’. I think such a place says a lot about the people you’ll be talking to.

Genealogical mystery – Stolberg-Wernigerode

Recently I came accross the archive of “Das Ostpreußenblatt”, later the “Preussische Allgemeine Zeitung” online. I started having a look at all the family announcements in the newspaper, as they include several noble announcements. Today I even found a Stolberg-Wernigerode engagement announcement, and was puzzled.

The engagement announcement in “Das Ostpreußenblatt” of 14 September 1957 says:



Nothing strange about it at first, until I started checking the genealogy of the family.The genealogy I checked said they got married at Köln-Marienburg on 13 July 1957. That is the date already mentioned in the Genealogischs Handbuch des Adels Fürstliche Häuser Band V 1959, which has been copied ever since. But the announcement above says that they didn’t get engaged until August 1957. Luckily the same newspaper, this time of 12 July 1958, also had the marriage announcement.


Also exactly one year later. That would to my opinion mean that all genealogies have given the wrong year of marriage for almost 60 years. Quite funny that the family never found it necessary to correct the mistake.

Count Christian-Albrecht zu Stolberg-Wernigerode was born in 1926 as the fourth child of Count Reinhard zu Stolberg-Wernigerode (1889-1973) and Countess Mariagnes zu Stolberg-Wernigerode (1894-1972). He was adopted in 1938 by his relative Count Albrecht zu Stolberg-Wernigerode (1886-1946) and his wife Countess Magna Maria zu Solms-Wildenfels (1883-1966), and was to be the heir of the Kreppelhof in Silesia. He died in 1991. His wife Hannelore was born in 1934 and is still alive.

The Favourite Royal of … Sophie

Sophie of the Netherlands sent in her favourites days ago, but I only noticed yesterday. Thanks so much for answering my questions!

Who are your favourite royals?

I have two favourites: Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.You can’t make me choose. Please, I beg you!

What do you find interesting about them?

Both were/are extremely well dealing with the public. Diana was fantastic with her charities. And what’s not to love about Máxima? I like her spontaneous and lively character. I also think she is very intelligent

What would you like to ask them if you could meet?

That is a difficult one! I guess that with Diana I would try to find out who the real Diana was.

With Máxima I would like to talk about all kind of things. It would be interesting to know which principles she has and how her moral compass is. And I would ask if it was possible if she could show me the vault with all the jewels.

And where would you like to meet?

I would love to meet Diana at Althorp (although it wasn’t a happy place for her). And I would like to meet Máxima either at Villa Eikenhorst or at the Loo Palace.


The Favourite Royal of … Kendra

Find out who the favourite royals of Kendra from Canada are.

Who are your favourite royals?

Super hard question! I like so many for many different reasons. I would say Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.

What do you find interesting about them?

I think Queen Elizabeth has been such a center of the world for more than 60 years. She really is a touchstone for everyone. Everyone knows her and most really respect her.

Crown Princess Victoria is a few years younger than I am and I think that someone in her position is so different from any life I’ve known that she is fascinating. She has had some hardships and came out which is a real inspiration.

What would you like to ask them if you could meet?

Queen Elizabeth : There is so much history embodied in her, I would like to ask her about how she feels the world has changed from the time she was a new Monarch to now. And what is in her purse.

Crown Princess Victoria: I would ask her how she balances her life now as a Princess, a wife and a mother. Then we’d talk about cute Princess Estelle moments.

And where would you like to meet?

Anywhere, any time I’m ready. Just have to get some time off work. My boss knows me and my royal watching, they’ll let me go.

The Favourite Royal of … Yaroslava

Yaroslava from the Ukraine also loved to share her favourite royals with me.

Who are your favourite royals?

Being a royal fan almost all of my life, and currently a royal journalist and watcher makes my choice harder than ever. But I would name two: HM Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

What do you find interesting about them?

Queen Elizabeth – She is the symbol of life of the country and yet beloved by her nation, and at the same time she is wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and a women. She is a great example of duty and dignity and at the same time modernity.

Crown Princess Mary has done extremely well as royal, not being royal by birth, and gained the hearts of the whole nation, which is so different from the country she has come from.

What would you like to ask them if you could meet?

I would love to be not very nosey in my talk to Her Majesty. I would ask her what has helped her to get through all the storms of her life.

As for Crown Princess Mary, I am interested how she does manages to combine being a mother-of-four and her role as future queen, and where to meet such man like her husband, with whom you would want to raise even more than four children and whose glance at you has not lost this love twinkle after all these years when he looks at you.

And where would you like to meet?

I would love to have a 5 o’clock tea at Balmoral castle with Her Majesty. But sincerely speaking I would meet her anywhere.

The same is with Crown Princess Mary, maybe going to Legoland with her and her children would be a wonderful idea. I would love to know her favourite places in Denmark and her homeland Australia.