Dutch Cycle-King

Shame on me! There is so much to do that I almost forgot to post the one event with royal presence I attended this month. On 7 July I had to wake up early as at 8.30am (!!!) King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was to come to Assen, which is a 15 minute ride by train from my town. Lucky for the King and many others the weather was pretty good, but not too warm (which it had been the previous week). In “De Bonte Wever” the King registered as a competitor in the 50th “Drentse Fiets4Daagse” (four days cycle tour through the province of Drenthe), as did many others. He followed in the footsteps of his grandmother Queen Juliana who in 1975 was present for the 10th jubilee of the event, and his father Prince Claus who visited in July 1990.

The King also met Liesbeth Ypey, the only person who has taken part in all editions of the event since its start in 1966. There were cycles for the King and his entourage, and then the small group took off.

willemassenIn the meantime the group of journalists and photographes rushed back to their cars and literally speeded to a point halfway to the TT-Circuit in Assen to be able to take a few pictures on the way. Then rushed back in the cars and drove to the TT-Circuit itself. Here the Dutch TT motorcycling event is being held once a year. The King clearly thought it was his chance to drive on a small part of the circuit and crossed with his bike to his own final destination, after about half an hour cycling: the VIP-room of the TT-Circuit. The others members of his group could hardly follow.

willemassen1The King met in the VIP-room with people who had been invited. Then he finally left, this time by car. But not before he had greeted the people who were still waiting for him outside.

willemassen2 willemassen3

Wedding of Michael and Christina in Salem, Baden

What would you do, if only was known a royal wedding was to take place, not too far from your house early July? Right! My friends Gabi and Stefan just gave it a chance, and on Saturday 4 July 2015 headed to Salem Castle in Salem, Germany, early that day. And they were lucky. And although it was said Prince Michael von Baden and Christina Höhne would get married in family circle, there was a bit of press around, and of course visitors of the castle (which is open to the public) had a look too.

Prince Michael von Baden met Christina Höhne six years ago. He  was born in 1976 as the youngest of the children of Margrave Max von Baden (* 1933) and his wife née Archduchess Valerie of Austria (* 1941). She is the youngest child of Claus Höhne and his wife née Herlinde Geiger, and is reportedly one years younger than the groom. Michael is since 2009 the chief of the “Markgräflich Badischen Verwaltung” and general deputy. She is “Diplom-Ingenieurin für Innenarchitektur” (certificated engineer for interior designer) and worked for an architect office in München, and since a year works in a creative agency near the Bodensee. She grew up near Stuttgart.

baden baden1 baden2 baden3 The couple got married in the Betsaal of Salem Castle in the afternoon. At 3.30pm they showed up in the Novizenhof of the castle. The bride wore a white dress with a lace top.

They had invited about 200 guests for the wedding. Among the guests were Prince Ludwig and Princess Marianne von Baden with their son and one of their daughters, Prince El Hassan and Princess Sarvath of Jordan, Duchess Elizabeth in Bavaria and Daniel Terberger, Count Moritz von Goëss and his wife Fleur née Duchess von Württemberg, Fürst Andreas and Fürstin Alexandra zu Leiningen with Hereditary Prince Ferdinand, Prince Andreas and Princess Luise zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Jean and Tatiana Fruchaud (Greece), Count Karl zu Solms-Laubach, and Archduke Markus Salvator of Austria (Tuscany) with his family.

Stefan’s report and Südkurier pictures

Wedding in Donaueschingen

Johann Stocks married Katharina Bagusat on 20 June 2015 in an oecumenical service at the Stadtkirche St. Johann in Donaueschingen, Germany. The civil wedding had already taken place on 15 May 2015 in Preetz. The couple had first planned to marry in Diessen am Ammersee. But the bride’s uncle invited them to get married at Donaueschingen. The honeymoon will go to Malaysia. The couple lives in München (Munich).

bagusat2 bagusat6 bagusat10

Both the groom and the bride have noble connections. The groom is a son of Johann Friedrich Stocks and his wife Christine née von Brunn. The bride was born as daughter of Thomas Bagusat and Princess Marie-Antoinette zu Fürstenberg.


The photos are not to be published elsewhere without the permission of the photographer, Gabi.

Spring Weddings

The wedding season has started again. In the past weeks there were several noble weddings, and there are more to follow. At the moment I don’t plan to attend any, but a few friends, most of them living more central in Germany have. At the start of the wedding season there were a few interesting marriages between nobles.


Photo & Copyright: Marianne (Royalty Guide)


Photo & Copyright: Marianne (Royalty Guide)

On 23 May 2015 Prince Felix zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg married Carina Müller von Blumencron at the Wallfahrtskirche in Dieburg, Germany. The reception and soirée took place at the Hofgut Habitzheim.

The groom was born in 1984 as a son of Prince Karl zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg and his wife Freiin Maria-Assunta von Weichs zur Wenne. The bride was born in 1989 as daughter of Markus Müller von Blumencron and Christiane von Gontard.

Thus far I have only noticed one small wedding picture in the Bunte.

Mardam’s Royalty Guide


Photo & Copyright: Gabi P.


Photo & Copyright: Gabi P.

Prince Friedrich zu Ysenburg und Büdingen married Marie-Hélène de Garnerin, Countess von Montgelas at the Parish Church St. Georg in Raitenhaslach on 30 May 2015. The groom was born in 1983 as son of Prince Sylvester zu Ysenburg und Büdingen and his wife Countess Hemma-Christiane von Goëss. The bride was born in 1986 as daughter of Albert de Garnerin Count von Montgelas and his wife Ingeborg Dokuopil.

Among the guests were Fürst Wolfgang Ernst and Fürstin Leonille zu Ysenburg und Büdingen and their daughter Felizitas and her husband, Princess Elisabeth zu Ysenburg und Büdingen, the hereditary couple von Isenburg, Fürst Otto zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, Prince Dominik and Princess Olga zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg, Prince Lukas and Princess Alice von Auersperg, hereditary Prince Ferdinand von Leiningen.

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Belated King’s Day

Just a nice joke of that friend of mine who is crazy about lego. He recently placed a couple in front of the municipality hall of Zuidlaren – he is building the nicest buildings in the village in lego (see https://zuidlareninlego.wordpress.com/). They are supposed to be King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visiting Zuidlaren on King’s Day … actually Queen Beatrix once did visit Zuidlaren on Queen’s Day 1982. And guess what … there is a lego-doll with a camera taking pictures of them. And that is supposed to be ME !!! Aren’t we cute :-)

nettylego1 nettylego2

Beatrix reveals her own Portraits in Groningen

Last Friday, 17 April, Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands came to Groningen to reveal a collage of her state portraits at the Beatrix Children’s Hospital, part of the University Medical Center Groningen. As it was only a five minute bike ride from my house, I of course had a look.

umcg1 umcg2Four-year-old Guus Keuter, who had heart surgery only days before, was to hand over the flowers to the former Queen. He was really happy to do so.

umcg3 umcg4Then they all walked to the Children’s Hospital to reveal the wall with nine state portraits of Beatrix from the time she was a Queen. Princess Beatrix and little Guus pressed the button and the portraits appeared. Can you imagine the hospital named after Beatrix, didn’t have a single portrait of her? Now they have several.

umcg5 umcg6 umcg7We waited at the back of the hospital until Princess Beatrix left. A good idea at the end, as she took her time and smiled and waved until she was out of sight.

umcg8We went back inside, “crashed” the reception – thanks hospital, the drinks and nuts were tasting quite good – and had a nice conversation with artist Marte Röling. She actually compiled the wall full of portraits and choose the ones she liked most. In the left corner of course her own impressive portrait of the former Queen.

Sisi and Het Oude Loo

oudeloo1Don’t be surprised if one of the first things you see when entering the grounds of Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn is a peacock. They walk around in the stables area, and if you’re lucky they show you their lovely colours.

oudeloo2I visited the palace a week ago to see the exhibition “Sisi, sprookje & werkelijkheid” (Sisi, fairy tale & reality), which was opened by Princess Margriet of the Netherlands and the great-grandson of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Archduke Michael (* 1949) on 9 April. It opened for the public on 10 April and will be on display until 27 September 2015. It is the largest exhibition about the Empress outside Austria ever. Badly readable signs, especially at the beginning of the exhibition, but I hope the museum keeps the promise that they will be better soon. Too much complaints. But the exhibition itself is a must for people who are interested, not only in the fairy tale princess from the unforgettable and romantic Sissi-films of the 1950s with Romy Schneider and Karlheinz Böhm, but also the ones who are interested in “meeting” the more realistic version. From childhood to death, from the engagement and marriage to her travels and beauty obsession. Everything is there. Including an item about her two visits to the Netherlands in 1884-1885. In case you didn’t know … she loved to travel. Unfortunately photographing is not allowed inside, so all I can show is the banners on the wall of the wing of the palace where the exhibition is being held. When I went to have lunch in the café, I had a special Sisi-chocolate with my tea, and I had one of the few Austrian dishes on the menu. There is a wonderful book published in connection with the exhibition, with the same title, written by Katrin Unterreiner and Patric Aalders together with Anne-Dirk Renting, and published by WalburgPress. Only in Dutch tough as far as I know. I accidentally happened to meet Patric at the palace and had my book signed.

oudeloo3 oudeloo4After my visit to the exhibition and lunch I went into the park of Castle Het Oude Loo. The park, unfortunately not the castle, is open in the months of April and May. Unfortunately I was there a bit too early in the season. May is definitely the best month to go. The weather wasn’t very good, and I was lucky it only start raining at the end of my walk. I had brought my umbrella tough. The castle is a 15th century hunting castle with a moat around it. It is still in use by the Dutch royal family occasionally. This park is not included in your entrance ticket for the palace tough.

oudeloo5 oudeloo6