Princess Beatrice climbs Mont Blanc for charity

She might not be my favourite Princess, but I do absolutely admire her. Princess Beatrice of York ran the 2010 London Marathon and earlier this month she managed to reach the summit of the highest mountain of Europe, the Mont Blanc, 4,810 metres high. She was joined by her friends Holly Branson, Sam Branson, Isabella (Anstruther-Gough-)Calthorpe, Sam Richardson and Phil Nevin, as well as by Richard Branson. With their climb the group wanted to launch the new charity Big Change Charitable Trust. Big Change works in partnership with charitable projects throughout the United Kingdom that inspire and encourage young people to be the very best that they can be. In Hello Magazine! Princess Beatrice told: “The summit was like a dream. It was so overwhelming I began to cry with joy for making it to this magical world at the top of Europe.”
For a nice video see:

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