All smiles at wedding in Rüdenhausen

This Saturday, 22 September, at 11am Prinz Dominik zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (29) married Countess Olga zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (25) civilly at the registrar’s office in Rüdenhausen, Germany. Already earlier in the morning guests arrived at Rüdenhausen Castle. Most of them seem to have stayed at the castle, as only the closest family accompanied the bridal couple – on foot – to the registrar’s office. The bride wore a green-pink dirndl dress. Of course the parents of the bridal couple were there, as well as some of the siblings and uncles and aunts. Although there had been some articles about the wedding in the press, there were just a few onlookers.After the wedding the couple and their family posed in front of the registrar’s office. Then they all walked back to the castle for the wedding celebration. On 6 October the religious wedding will take place in Sintra, Portugal. Surely that will be a bigger celebration. Photos & Copyright: Gabi P. (it is not allowed to copy the pictures elsewhere without permission)

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