Exhibition in Brussels: Queen Marie-José of Italy

On Wednesday an interesting sounding exhibition opened at the “Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis” (Royal Museums for Art and History) – Museum website – at the Jubelpark in Brussels, Belgium. Until 3 March 2013 they show the exhibition “Princess Marie-José, between Belgium and Italy. A royal wardrobe”.

Photo: Robert Marchand ©KIK-IRPA

In the year 1930 Princess Marie-José of Belgium (1906-2001) married Crown Prince Umberto of Italy. In the year 1946 Umberto II and Marie-José for only 34 days were King and Queen of Italy, and then had to fled the country. Marie-José was one of the style icons of the 1930s. She wore couture from Italian designers and the most gorgeous family jewelry. The exhibition doesn’t only show some of the clothes, including nine court mantles and seventeen evening dresses, but also pictures and documents about her years in Italy. Most of the items come from the collection of the Foundation Umberto II and Marie-José of Savoy, the Royal Palace in Brussels, the Royal Musea for Fine Art of Belgium and the Royal Library. Queen Paola of the Belgians is the patron of the exhibition.

The Belgian publisher Lannoo has published the catalogue with the same title as the exhibition. It has 128 pages and costs € 24,99.

I don’t know if I will ever make it to Brussels before March 2013, but if so I’d really love to see this exhibition about the “May Queen”.


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