Swedish royals angry about satirical photomontage

Does a royal have to accept everything that is being published about him or her, or about the family? A few weeks ago we had the topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge, that caused quite a sensation all over the world. I think she is right in fighting against the publication of these private pictures. From what I have seen and read I think the photographer wasn’t on the public road, as stated, but somewhere on private property. Paparazzi have big lenses sometimes, but not that huge that you can take these pictures from such a long distance as far as I know.

This week saw the publication of a quite controversial satirical photomontage by artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin in the Swedish magazine “Tiden”, published by the Social Democratic Party. The work shows King Carl XVI Gustaf standing behind a table with the naked body of pop singer Camilla Henemark on it – allegedly the former mistress of the King. Around her men are sitting and eating pizza off her body. Queen Silvia is sitting in front of the scene wiping a swastika off the floor.

The royal court issued a statement saying:

In connection with a photomontage published by the Swedish magazine Tiden, the Marshal of the Realm — after consultation with the Solicitors to The King — wishes to issue the following statement:

There is a limit to what anyone should have to endure. This includes The King and The Queen. The image is offensive, insulting and vicious.

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