Royal weddings: The do’s and don’ts

What are the things you absolutely shouldn’t do when being a guest at a royal wedding. I am sure there are some things you all can think of.

  • Don’t wear huge hats, even when they look lovely on you. The people sitting behind you will not be amused that they can’t see a thing.
  • Don’t go for very short skirts or very low-necked dresses or shirts. Your clothes shouldn’t be white either.
  • Don’t wear dark tights, but don’t go for bare legs either.
  • Before 6pm you can wear a hat or a fascinator. Hats are quite expensive most of the time, but fascinators can be very cheap if you’re lucky. I recently bought one for four euros only, in a shop that sells items from bankrupt shops. And surprisingly it even looked quite good, at least to me.
  • Don’t forget to switch off your mobile phone. You wouldn’t be the first one to feel ashamed, because your phone goes off in the middle of a service.
  • And for all: don’t come too late. So leave your home or hotel in time.

Tips also for royalty-watchers who are just coming to have a look.

  • If you’re there the day before or early on the wedding day, have a look at the location to find yourself the best spots. Before big weddings newspapers will usually publish plans, so you can see where the barriers are.
  • Dress warm enough and don’t forget to take food with you. It might be wise not to drink too much, as you won’t be able to leave your place soon.
  • Be early, so you are in the first rows and don’t miss a lot.
  • Don’t stand behind a press area or stand, even when the press is not there yet. As soon as they get in you are not able to see anything.
  • Don’t wave flags. Other people want to see something too, and make photographs.
  • Listen to the security people, but don’t let them push you away totally.
  • Don’t try to sneak in without permission.

I am sure I missed a few, so if you know more, let me know. Looking forward to comments.

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