Queen Beatrix visits Sneek

Last Thursday I saw Queen Beatrix in Sneek, a nice little town in the north of the Netherlands where I was born and raised. Only the day before me and my mother agreed to do some shopping in Sneek. Knowing the Queen would come I took the first cheaper train out of town (Groningen) at 9am. Queen Beatrix actually came to Sneek to open the Cultureel Kwartier Sneek (cultural area Sneek), which exists of a new theatre, a new centre of arts and a pop stage. When I arrived I think the Queen had just arrived at the centre of arts for the first part of her visit. While we were waiting more and more people arrived. Although it was raining a bit, lots of people wanted to see the Queen. I have actually seen much less people when she or another member of the Dutch royal family visits somewhere, even when the weather was better. First the press came walking in to our direction, and then finally the Queen came in sight. She walked from the centre of arts to the new theatre for the official opening. Although she didn’t pass that quickly my small camera hardly had time to make a few pictures before I only saw her back. O never mind, I unexpectedly had a bit of a royal day after all. By turning around a big key the Queen made the dancers outside – a few girls in very cold dancing costumes – to reveal a big white balloon and under it a banner with the text “Open”. Then she went inside to see some dance demonstrations. We went into town to go shopping …

Copyright & Photos: Netty Leistra


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