Dutch royal exhibitions

Apparently I need to visit several exhibitions in the Netherlands in the coming months.

In the Amsterdam Expo the exhibition “Toetanchamon, zijn graf en zijn schatten” (Tutankhamon, his grave and his treasures) has opened its doors on 29 November, and can be seen until 5 May 2013. I already heard about this exhibition, that toured among others Germany in the past years, and attracted many visitors. Might also be worth a visit.

The Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam from 9 March to 13 September 2013 shows the grand exhibition “Peter the Great”, about the Russian czar. The exhibitions of the museum are usually very good, so I expect this to be something wonderful also. The website adds that in the year 2013 the special relationship between Russia, the Netherlands and Amsterdam is celebrated.

Christmas time is always a good time to visit Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn. Between 18 December and 6 January the palace is festively decorated with Christmas trees and wonderfully decorated tables. And it always smells wonderful inside. For the first time the palace also shows a collection of Dutch royal Christmas cards. Furthermore until 7 April 2013 the exhibition “Wilhelmina’s Levensavond” about the last years of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands at Palace Het Loo is on display. Lots of pictures, unique videos, clothing, paintings and other items can be seen. The Queen died 50 years ago.

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