What will happen with Count Adolf’s monument?

According to the regional newspaper “Dagblad van het Noorden” the “Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed” (Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands) has put up for sale 34 monuments in the country.

One of these monuments surprisingly is the newly restored monument for Count Adolf von Nassau-Dillenburg in Heiligerlee, in the northeast of the Netherlands. The municipality of Oldambt says not to know about the sale.

With the Battle of Heiligerlee the Eighty Years’ War between the northern Netherlands and Spain really got started in May 1568. The Dutch defeated the Spanish troops. During the battle Count Adolf von Nassau-Dillenburg, a younger brother of Prince William “The Silent” of Orange, lost his life, one of very few casualties on the Dutch side. A fact that is even mentioned in the national anthem of the Netherlands, the “Wilhelmus”. It is unclear where he was buried. Some sources mention he was buried in Emden, Eastern Friesland (Germany).

There is a nice museum at Heiligerlee about the battle. In May 2012 the battle was performed by volunteers, see here.

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