The royal health problems

Yesterday Buckingham Palace said that 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has been admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital in London on Sunday afternoon with symptoms of gastroenteritis. Although she is said to have been “in good spirits”, she was taken to hospital as a precaution. Her official engagements for this week have been cancelled or postponed, including a trip to Rome, Italy. The last time the Queen was in hospital was ten years ago, when she underwent a minor knee operation.

Also King Juan Carlos I of Spain (75) is in hospital, the La Merced Clinic in Madrid. He successfully underwent a three-hour spine surgery on Sunday on herniated discs in his lower spine. The king will need two to six months to recover and will probably stay in hospital for a week. It was his fourth operation in the past year.

Although by far the youngest royal patient, the situation of former Crown Prince Paras Shah of Nepal, 41 years old, is worse. He has been in Samitivej Sukhumbhit Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand since 19 February, when he suffered a major heart attack at his Bangkok appartment. His family is by his side. The hospital said on Saturday that he has regained consciousness and recognizes visitors now. According to the health bulletin “There is continuous improvement in his medical condition. He has become conscious and can recognize people. Active and coordinated movement is noted in all his limbs. He remains on ventilator support.” The Crown Prince also suffered a mild heart attack in September 2007.

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