The death of a beloved countess

Isabelle Adrienne Gravin van Aldenburg Bentinck, Douairère Aurel Graf zu Ortenburg, Vrouwe van Middachten en Gaildorf died at Middachten Castle, De Steeg, The Netherlands, in the morning of 8 March 2013.  She was born there on 3 July 1925 as daughter of Graaf (Count) Wilhelm van Aldenburg Bentinck and his wife jonkvrouwe Adrienne Vegelin van Claerbergen. She married in 1951 Count Aurel zu Ortenburg (1927-2001). She is survived by her two sons, one daughter, and by thirteen grandchildren.

The Countess lived again at the castle since 1985, and spent lots of time having the castle and the gardens restored. The castle is open to the public. In 2011 she received the “zilveren Anjer” (silver carnation) of the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation from Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands for all her work.

The funeral service took place today, 13 March, at the village church of Rheden. The burial will follow in private at Tambach, Germany. Some pictures of the funeral service and Middachten can be found at Royal Nature Press.

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