This week’s royal news

Nice to hear that the Peter the Great exhibition at the Hermitage in Amsterdam (see here) is worth a visit for anyone interested in royalty and history. And all the information is also given in English. The exhibition was opened on Friday evening by the soon-to-be King of the Netherlands, the Prince of Orange.

Happily Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain was able to leave hospital already one day after having been admitted. On Monday she was back in public and signed a new charter backing equal rights in every Commonwealth nation, but pulled out of the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey earlier that day. She also cancelled or postponed engagements planned for Wednesday and Thursday. She will however attend engagements at Buckingham Palace itself. She is however said to recover well and hopes to resume her public duties next week. In the meantime the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall have arrived in Jordan yesterday at the start of their Middle East tour, which also takes them to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

King Juan Carlos of Spain has a bit of a scare in the La Milagrosa hospital in Madrid, when a small fire broke out last Wednesday, but remained unhurt. There were a few blasts, but nothing serious happened. He left hospital on Saturday, and said to be feeling very well.

Some fuzz in Grimsby, Great Britain, after a visit of the Duchess of Cambridge. All she said was being overheard. She told some onlookers that she already feels the baby moving, even when there is still hardly a tummy to see under her winter clothes. When receiving a teddy bear as a gift, the Duchess was overheard saying “Thank you, I’ll take that …”, and at first people thought they had heard her saying “for my d..”. But she quickly said that they are not going to reveal the baby’s sex. When a 86-year-old lady told her “I am waiting for you to be Queen”, the Duchess laughed and said: “You might be waiting for a long time”. Hear here for yourself what she really said.

The Norwegian royal court has sued the Norwegian magazine Se og Hør over publishing private holiday photos taken on private property or with telephoto lenses without the family knowing they were being photographed.

I had a good laugh when reading that Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal al Saud of Saudi Arabia is angry because he is “only” in 26th place at the 2013 list of the world richest people of Forbes. The Prince said he isn’t worth $20bn, but $29,6bn, which would bring him into the top 10. It was not the first time he complained about the valuation of his wealth by Forbes. According to Forbes the Prince takes his ranking very seriously. He is however still the highest ranked royal on the list. He is only followed on place 89 by “Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor & Family” – better known as the 6th Duke of Westminster – with $11,4bn. Who is still searching for an unmarried noble/royal husband with lots of money could give it a try and catch Fürst Albert von Thurn und Taxis, who is third on the list of youngest billionairs with an estimated net worth of $1.5bn.

The Emir of Qatar has given the Greek economy a boost and bought himself six tiny Greek island for at least £7.22million. The islands, including Oxia, are part of the Echinades and are situated near Ithaca.

And the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Salman bin Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, has been named the new deputy prime minister of the country.

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