Investiture of King Willem-Alexander: one month to go

Can’t believe it is only one month until the Prince of Orange becomes King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

The programme is set. Preparations are on their way. Even the future Queen Máxima has already been caught visiting the Nieuwe Kerk (new Church), where everything is to happen. Press accreditation has closed. “Only” 1098 photographers and journalist from the Netherlands and abroad wish to report about the big day. Not that everybody will be able to work in the secured area.

Lots of discussion online about what clothes the royals will wear, which diademe the new (non-reigning) Queen will wear.

The future reigning couple of the Netherlands and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands are however still busy working. Engagements thus far have been scheduled until a few days before the big day. Also engagements for after 30 April are being planned. There will be visits to the twelve Dutch provinces, to the six Dutch islands in the Caribean, as well as visits to neighbouring countries Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium.

Since it is no less than 123 years ago that the Netherlands had a King at all, we surely will have to get used to have one again. The last King, Willem III, died in 1890. Since we had one regent Queen Emma, and three Queens Wilhelmina, Juliana and Beatrix.

It is by the way unbelievable how much souvenirs are already there. Haven’t seen much in real myself, but online there are hundreds of them.

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