The Belgian King will abdicate

Oh, I should be around much more, but somehow after years of following royals news I am a bit bored with writing about it. At least on my website.

In case you have missed something … it is abdication year. After the Pope and the Queen of the Netherlands also the Emir of Qatar recently abdicated. And also the King of the Belgians is to abdicate. He, the King of the Belgians, announced on 3 July that his health is deteriorating, and that he feels that it is time for a change of generation. It is the first time a Belgian King voluntarily abdicates. So on 21 July, the National Day, he will hand over the throne to his eldest son Prince Philippe. Pretty boring if you compare it to the Netherlands. After the traditional Te Deum, King Albert will sign the abdication papers. Then Philippe will be sworn in. A short ceremony in which he will wear a uniform, but at least the Belgian throne will make an appearance. The new King and the royal family will appear on the balcony of the palace, and then Philippe will salute at the grave of the unknown soldier. As usual on National Day there will also be a military parade. Will try to go to Belgium anyway … although not for the whole Sunday.

And no, you haven’t missed the birth of HRH Prince(ss) … of Cambridge yet, although it won’t take that long anymore. The Duchess of Cambridge is still expecting, although the press is already camping outside St Mary’s Hospital in London where she is supposed to give birth. It looks to me as if she has been pregnant for ages, but of course they also announced it pretty early.


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