The Margrave of Baden turned 80

Margrave Max von Baden, a nephew of the Duke of Edinburgh, celebrated his 80th birthday last week. On 3 July, his actual birthday, he celebrated with the people working for the House of Baden, on 4 July his schoolfriends were invited. In the weekend finally the margrave celebrated in private with his family.

400 Guests arrived at Salem Castle on 5 July. These were representatives from politics, economy, church and landed nobility, including former prime minister Erwin Teufel of Baden-Württemberg. Also the Fürst and Fürstin von Hohenzollern were present. The margrave was accompanied by his wife Valerie, his eldest son Hereditary Prince Bernhard and his wife Stephanie. The weather was beautiful, thus the celebration could be held outside in the park of the castle. As the margrave had requested to donate money to the “Germanaid Baden” and the “Bund Heimat und Volksleben”, he hardly received real gifts. The national hymn of Baden could be heard, and the food was excellent and local. Picture Gallery 1, Picture Gallery 2

According to Prince Radu  of Romania’s website he and his wife Crown Princess Margarita were present during the weekend. Guests also included members of the royal families of Spain, Jordan, Serbia, Greece, Austria, Bavaria, Württemberg and Hohenzollern.

I will always remember meeting him in August 2003. After the wedding of Duchess Fleur von Württemberg, where I had seen him and his wife, I visited Salem Castle. I took a long walk from the railway station to the castle. And when I was almost there I passed a wall. Over the wall a man with a hat was having a look at what was going on outside. I looked and looked again … we said hello, and I asked him, you are the margrave aren’t you? And we just chatted for a short while. It turned out he was doing some gardening. He allowed me to make a picture of him looking over the wall. With Christmas I sent it to him with season’s greetings. Lovely to receive a personal written card back soon, thanking me for the nice picture.

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