Royal Wedding in Istanbul

On 30 August 2013 Prince Muhammad Ali of Egypt and Princess Noal Zaher of Afghanistan got married at the Çirağan Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. Thus far only one wedding picture could be found online, but hopefully there will be more soon. Among the guests are reported to be Prince Leka of Albania and his fiancée Elia Zaharia, and Prince Rudolf and Princess Tilsin of Liechtenstein. The last couple married in Istanbul last year and had their party at the Çirağan Palace also. The couple is said to have met in Istanbul, rumoured at the Liechtenstein wedding. They also celebrated their engagement in Istanbul on 27 April 2013.

He was born on 5 February 1979 as son of King Fuad II of Egypt and his former wife Dominique-France Picard “Fadila”. She was born in 1980 (the Royal Ark website says 1978 now) in Rome, Italy, as the youngest daughter of Prince Muhammad Daud Pashtunyar Zaher (1949-1980; son of the late King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan) and his wife Fatima. Muhammad Ali works in real estate in Paris, while Noal finished her European Business degree at the French Institut Saint-Dominique. At Webster University in London she specialised in jewellery design.

The Çirağan Palace (different link with lovely pictures) is a former palace of the Sultans of Turkey, and is situated on the European shores of the Bosphorus, not far from the Dolmabahçe Palace. It looks gorgeous, but if you are not a guest of the five-star hotel that is housed in it nowadays, it is not too easy to enter the grounds.

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