Ever wondered where NettyRoyal comes from? Eh, well, I started my website under the name of Netty’s Royalty Page back in October 1998. I couldn’t think of anything more interesting at the time, not being very familiar with Internet yet. Some years later I needed my own domain name. would be far too long to my opinion. After some thinking I came up with nettyroyal, nice and short, with two y’s in it. It clearly showed my name and what my hobby was. The domain was quickly registered.

I never really thought about it at the time, but now after more than ten years, I know I more or less introduced a brand name. Usually when people refer to my website, they say “Nettyroyal”. When I introduce myself, I am not surprised anymore when someone says, “oh you’re Nettyroyal”. Although it wasn’t supposed to be when I made the name up, it almost has turned into a kind of nickname. And to be honest, I am a little bit proud of it by now.


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