Bourbon de Parme Baby

photo & copyright: Netty Leistra

photo & copyright: Netty Leistra

Princess Irene of the Netherlands became the proud grandmother of a sixth granddaughter last week.

The Bourbon de Parme family announced on Friday that Albert Brenninkmeijer and his wife Princess Carolina de Bourbon de Parme had their first child and first daughter, Alaïa-Maria Irene Cécile Brenninkmeijer in Switzerland (reportedly in Zürich), on 20 May. The baby’s first name is an Arab name, also used in Basque language. The name means joyful, happy. Irene and Cécile are the names of the baby’s grandmothers.

Carolina and Albert married in Florence, Italy, in 2012.

Carolina’s eldest brother Carlos has two daughters, her elder sister Margarita also, and her brother Jaime has one daughter. Carlos has a son, Hugo, born out of wedlock.

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