Website Progress

Am I having fun! Still working on my new website (nearing the end I hope), and I have decided to put online again the articles I once wrote for an online royal magazine called “Royal Watch”. The magazine, that was written by royalty watchers, doesn’t exist anymore, I wrote an article about royal news each month from August 2001 to August 2003. Some articles might have gone lost, but most of them are still on my computer.

I just came across my thoughts about 9/11, and an article from November 2001, when I still was convinced that the new King Felipe VI of Spain was to get engaged to his Norwegian girlfriend Eva Sannum very soon … we all know now what happened. They broke up, and in May 2004 he married Letizia Ortíz Rocasolano, who is since 19 June 2014 Queen Letizia.


One thought on “Website Progress

  1. such a lovely row of perfectly lined up trees! that picture is SO pretty! I like that picture, of the perfectly lined up row of trees!

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