A New Website Design

websiteFor years I had the same website design. Just over a year ago I thought about changing my website a little bit. Since 1998 I have mainly presented myself as a royalty watcher, but most of the time I also have been working as a royalty journalist. My German friend Anuschka agreed making a new design for the website, and despite her fulltime job spent weeks on it about one year ago, for which I am very grateful.

I very much like the new simple design. All these years I called the website “Netty’s Royalty Page”, which sounds quite uninspiring. When I had to think of a domain name years ago I came up with Nettyroyal, a decision I do still like. The name now heads the website also. I thought it would cost me just a few weeks or months eventually to alter the original website, but I had to make lots of changes, so in the end it took me almost a year. A few months ago I checked all links, but I am certain in the meantime some have gone already again, and new ones have been created. I have renewed the princes and princesses pages, added some specials and photo albums, and finally finished the profiles of all monarchies in the world.

Have a look at the new NettyRoyal. If you want to know a bit more about my work as a journalist you can click on “Journalist” on top of the frontpage. Would you rather like to see the old website, you click on “Royalty” instead. The menu is on top of the page, instead of on the side. The content hasn’t really changed, except for the lay-out and additions. So just have a look around. I am certain you will get used to the page very soon. I wish you a pleasant visit.


3 thoughts on “A New Website Design

  1. You are the first web site or blog I check every day. You writing is good, the topics are great, and it all fits me to a tee. Thank you for the hard work you do and I hope the
    enjoyment you get from doing this. Dr. Susan Hoyt South Georgia USA.

  2. Hallo Netty,

    Mooie strakke site. Complimenten!
    Allen die pasfoto van je …. dat kan toch beter!?

    Good goan,
    Wijnand Kristiaans.

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