The Favourite Royal of … Sophie

Sophie of the Netherlands sent in her favourites days ago, but I only noticed yesterday. Thanks so much for answering my questions!

Who are your favourite royals?

I have two favourites: Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.You can’t make me choose. Please, I beg you!

What do you find interesting about them?

Both were/are extremely well dealing with the public. Diana was fantastic with her charities. And what’s not to love about Máxima? I like her spontaneous and lively character. I also think she is very intelligent

What would you like to ask them if you could meet?

That is a difficult one! I guess that with Diana I would try to find out who the real Diana was.

With Máxima I would like to talk about all kind of things. It would be interesting to know which principles she has and how her moral compass is. And I would ask if it was possible if she could show me the vault with all the jewels.

And where would you like to meet?

I would love to meet Diana at Althorp (although it wasn’t a happy place for her). And I would like to meet Máxima either at Villa Eikenhorst or at the Loo Palace.


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