Wedding in Donaueschingen

Johann Stocks married Katharina Bagusat on 20 June 2015 in an oecumenical service at the Stadtkirche St. Johann in Donaueschingen, Germany. The civil wedding had already taken place on 15 May 2015 in Preetz. The couple had first planned to marry in Diessen am Ammersee. But the bride’s uncle invited them to get married at Donaueschingen. The honeymoon will go to Malaysia. The couple lives in München (Munich).

bagusat2 bagusat6 bagusat10

Both the groom and the bride have noble connections. The groom is a son of Johann Friedrich Stocks and his wife Christine née von Brunn. The bride was born as daughter of Thomas Bagusat and Princess Marie-Antoinette zu Fürstenberg.

The photos are not to be published elsewhere without the permission of the photographer, Gabi.

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