Other Danish Purchases


How could I forget I bought one more magazine and a royal book in Denmark.

I don’t have all the Danish royal yearbooks, but I come close. Luckily a friend of mine bought “Kongehuset 2015” for me, and all I had to do was pick it up when I was in Denmark earlier this month. They’re usually published early, so the year seems to run from October to September. The book contains a good list of engagements of the royals as well as many pictures taken during the year.

Furthermore I bought myself the Eurowoman of May 2016 I had read about online. It has an interesting interview with Crown Princess Mary and a selection of lovely pictures of her at home in Amalienborg, including a wonderful one taken on the roof with the Marble Church in the background. Even when it was somewhat expensive, and it will take me lots of difficulties understanding the text, I couldn’t leave it in the shop.


2 thoughts on “Other Danish Purchases

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