Royal Legoland

Legoland only for children? Forget it. On 9 and 10 May 2016 I spent almost two days at Legoland Billund, Denmark, with two other grown-up friends, and we enjoyed ourselves enormously. Amazing what can be build out of lego. legoland10Apart from several Danish and foreign palaces and castles, I noticed the Danish crown princely family standing in front of the Kancellihuset at Fredensborg, one of their residences. Even dog Ziggy is included.

But there is much more to see: buildings, landscapes, Star Wars, Ninjago (new in 2016), Atlantis with great fish, penguins, the Wild West, Egypt, and of course lots of attractions. We were very lucky with the sunny weather. When we got wet in an attraction, we were dry very quickly. Luckily we had tried a few of them on day one, as on day two several weren’t working because of technical problems. Really a pity, so we missed the biggest rollercoaster.

See here for a lot of my pictures of Royal Legoland I left out anything non-royal, otherwise I could even have posted more.


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